About the product

AL G9 Guardian is a parking sensor, driveway light activator and more


Designed to keep you and your vehicle safe from all sorts of exterior threats, the G9 comprises parts fabricated to military standards. It uses a Laser diode working on 905 nm light frequency the same as military range-finders and police speed lasers. If compared to light emitting diodes used in some classic infra-red sensors the power of the Laser is one hundred times greater. To ensure higher precision the G9 incorporates the newest laser detection technology, weak signal detection with high resistance to temperature changes and foreign light interferences such as sun rays.

As a parking sensor the G9 constantly emits laser signals, if reflected by an obstacle it recognizes them, consequently warning the user. Thanks to the advanced program code the G9 will differentiate laser signals coming from other laser sources. If a foreign laser signal is detected the G9 will alarm the user and try to deflect the interference. If the interference remains present the AL G9 will reset within a few seconds.

If an AL Driveway Unit (optional) is installed in your driveway lighting or in your electric garage doors the G9 becomes a driveway light activator and/or a garage door opener.

AL Heritage

The AL Line of laser based parking sensors started in 1998. It was the first of its kind in the World. First sales began in 2000 with the 2nd Generation model.

The original design and manufacture was undertaken by the inventor himself. All following Generations are still entirely made and designed in Croatia to this day. This lengthy evolution has yielded a versatile product that is small in size but boasts unsurpassed laser sensitivity.

Improvements over the AL G8 model

- Smaller sensors simpler to install

- Patented State of the art laser receiver controlled by a dedicated microcontroller

- The unit's memory has been doubled allowing for new program features to be added
  (see Programming)

- Will operate 100% effectively with 10 V trough 17 V battery power

- Increased laser detection angle to 30 degrees

- AL G9 is patent pending according to PCT/HR2008/000015.

CAUTION: The G9 Sensors are internally powered by 12 volts unlike the G8 with 30 V internal
  power. This internal difference makes the G9 non-compatible with AL G8 components.