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August 2011

Buyer & Seller BEWARE!

Buyer & Seller BEWARE!Original AL products are manufactured in Croatia and distributed through authorized distribution network Only! Products originating from Taiwan, being resold by or rebranded as „Laser Elite“ are illegal knock-off products. By purchasing or reselling it you infringe intellectual property rights of it's rightful owner and manufacturer.  These products are visibly identical and infringe patents (EPO 2008355569, AU 2008355569, CA 2,723,286, USA 12740877 and others); use a copy of our software therefore breaching our copyright; when sold under our trademarks they also infringe our trademarks.

Additionally, because of bad build you will find such products to work poorly.
Buying a cheap Counterfeit puts end buyers at risk of products' ill-performance while resellers may expect loosing profits when sued for damages and compensation. Anyone who sells these copies is liable on account of infringement of our trademarks, copyrights and patents.
If you have found a good bargain for a product that looks exactly like AL G9 and are unsure if the product is the original please write to us at

December 2009

Visit our web-shop

Our web shop is now open. If you did not find an authorized AL retailer in your country you can purchase a product of your choice in our web-shop. We accept credit card payments (VISA and Master card) and ship worldwide. Exceptions are countries where we do have an organized distribution network. If your country is not on the list to choose from, contact us and we will forward you to your local distributor.

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June 2009

AL G9 Revision X released - Upgrade-able by Memocard

RX-SENSOR New improvements to the AL G9 products are Here. RX sensor gets a detachable sensor cable making it easier to mount or deinstall the product when needed.

  • Waterproof connector 1 meter from the sensor head
  • Connecting cable adds 4 more meters to the length
  • Thick shielded cable prevents interference and mechanical damage
  • Cable stress relief is now inside the sensor making it smaller
  • Angled cable exit allows 360 degrees of cable movement
  • Optional extension cables are available

RX brings you:

  • Better laser sensitivity (+15%)
  • Improved parking assistant performance
  • Wider angle protection (up to ±12°H ±12°V)

Box Memory
RX Control Box is now upgrade-able by plug in Memocards

RX brings on even more:

  • Improved power line filtering
  • Fully effective from 10V to 17V power supply

20 January 2009

EU Laboratory Approves Class 1 Laser device

G9-ARC Austrian Research Centers ARC have certified that the AL G9 meets international safety standards, specifically the IEC 60825-1 in regard to the laser radiation safety. Certification of this type is mandatory for all products that contain Laser or LED and are to be sold within the European Union. Drastic sanctions await manufacturers and/or sellers of uncertified products.

AL G9 has been certified as a Class 1 Laser device which means that it emits a large diameter beam and is safe for use under all reasonably-anticipated conditions of use. Looking at the beam of any laser device regardless of the classification is of course not advised.


29 December 2008

Homologation certificate issued for the G9


After the AL G9 had been successfully tested at the SIQ Laboratories for compliance to the CE mark requirements we applied for an even higher quality standard, the Automotive Directive standard or more commonly known as Homologation testing.

The Homologation certificate received from the Croatian State office for Metrology is yet another high quality benchmark that this product has passed. With the E25 mark label the G9 can now be legally installed in vehicles at vehicle manufacturing plants as an original car part.

16 December 2008

G9 Angle Coverage increased to 30 degrees

To give a wider angle of laser detection the front and rear of the G9 receiver were redesigned and a special optical net was added in front of the four detector diodes. Total angle coverage is now 30 degrees per each sensor which gives a comfortable margin for picking up threats to the side of your car even if the sensors are not perfectly aligned during installation.

Most competitor laser based parking sensors are still using heavy optics that are unable to properly pick up the laser echo signal, limiting the angle coverage and leaving the users car vulnerable to side threats. One such product even goes so far as to allow only a 15 degrees front coverage which then requires a multiple sensor installation with absolutely no margin for mounting misalignments.

In the field of angle protection the AL G9 will continue to develop optical and electronic circuitry widening the performance gap with the competition even more.