How to reprogram G9

AL G9 has 6 user selectable operating modes which are factory set to optimal default values but can be modified using the programming key button at any time during the operation.
Press and hold the programming key button while counting the green flashing light. The number of flashes required for programming each of the modes is given below.

Operating modes

Number of flashes


Parking detection range adjustment 3 User can choose from four different parking detection levels.
Silent power-up 5 During activation, only red and green indicator lights will flash without acoustic signals.
Laser interference defense (LID) adjustment 8 When constant interference from another source of laser emissions on the 905 nm frequency is detected and recognized as an aggressive disturbance for parking sensor operation, AL G9 will try to deflect it to insure reliable parking sensor operation. If interference continues for more than 4 seconds AL will automatically reset. You can choose between 4 seconds and 8 seconds duration of eventual interference detection and deflection.
LED Dark mode 10 To prevent the green light from flashing every second during normal operation, you can activate the LED Dark mode. The green light will stop flashing after the warm-up period (60 seconds after power-up).
Laser Power Output Adjustment 13 Using «optimal setting» (recommended and set as a default) will reduce the possibility of error detection while «maximum power» insures maximum range and energy.
Parking sensor mute 18 With this mode activated the parking sensor will warn you of an obstacle being detected with red flashing light only, while in default setting the visual signals would be accompanied by tones from the speaker.

Additional features

Speaker mute 1 Switch the speaker off while driving with a single 1 second press. Sound alerts not related to parking detection will not be silenced.
Restore factory default settings & memorize number of connected sensors 15 Easy way to restore the factory default settings and enable the system to memorize the number of connected sensors. The system will check if the number of working sensors equals number of memorized sensors every time AL G9 is turned on, and alert you if a sensor gets disconnected.
Manual sensor check 20 Check how many sensors is connected and operating.